May 31, 2023

How To Cook Oat Groats In Rice Cooker?

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Are you looking for a nutritious and easy breakfast? Oats can be a great choice. These whole-grain oats are packed with fiber, protein, and essential nutrients. While cooking oats may seem daunting, a rice cooker can simplify the process.

In this post, we will demonstrate how to cook oats in a rice cooker, ensuring that you always have a nutritious and delicious meal. so learn how to cook oat groats in rice cooker.

How To Cook Oat Groats In Rice Cooker

What is Oat Groats

Oat groats are the whole, unbroken oat grains that have had the inedible hulls removed. They are the most intact and least processed form of oats. Oat groats are considered whole grains and are highly nutritious. They are typically chewy and have a nutty flavor.

Oat groats are a rich source of dietary fiber, particularly soluble fiber, which can help regulate blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and support digestive health. They are also a good source of plant-based protein, B vitamins, minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus, and antioxidants.

While oat groats take longer to cook compared to more processed oat varieties, they can be prepared by simmering them in water or broth until they reach a tender consistency. They can be enjoyed as hot cereal or used as an ingredient in pilafs, salads, soups, and stuffings.

It’s worth noting that oat groats are different from rolled oats, steel-cut oats, and instant oats, which are more processed forms of oats that have been flattened or cut into smaller pieces. These forms of oats have shorter cooking times but may have a slightly different texture and taste compared to oat groats.

Benefits of Oats

Let’s take a moment to talk about some of the many advantages of oats before getting into the cooking process:

Healthful force to be reckoned with: Oats are high in fiber, iron, magnesium, and B nutrients, which support, by and large, well-being and prosperity.

Good for the heart: Oats’ high soluble fiber content helps lower cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Consistent Energy Release: Oats provide sustained, slow-release energy that keeps you full and energized for longer.

Digestive Health: The fiber in oats supports a healthy digestive system, prevents constipation, and promotes regular bowel movements.

Weight control: The high fiber content in oats helps control appetite, aid in weight management, and promote healthy weight loss.

Versatile ingredients:  In kitchens, oats are flexible because they can be used in many different dishes, such as pies, salads, soups, and porridge.

Choose the Right Rice Cooker

Choosing the right type of rice cooker is essential to cook oats in a rice cooker successfully. Look for a rice cooker with the following features:

Capacity: Ensure the rice cooker can hold the desired amount of oatmeal and water without overflowing.

Keep warm function: Choose a rice cooker with a “keep warm” function to maintain the ideal temperature after cooking oatmeal.

Programmable Settings: Some advanced rice cookers offer specific settings for cooking grains such as oats, ensuring optimal results.

Non-stick inner pot: The non-stick inner pot makes it easy to clean the rice cooker after cooking oats.

Prepare Oats

Before cooking, it is important to prepare the oats properly. Follow these steps:

Rinse oats: Remove any dirt and impurities from the oats by rinsing them in cold water.

Soaking oats (optional): Soaking oats overnight can reduce cooking time and improve digestibility. However, this step is optional.

How To Cook Oat Groats In Rice Cooker?

Now let’s cook:

Measure the amount of oats: Determine the desired amount, considering the number of servings.

Add water: For each cup of oatmeal, add about three cups. This ratio can vary depending on personal preference and desired consistency.

Place the rice cooker: Put the oats and water in the rice cooker. Set the rice cooker to “cereal” or “porridge,” if available. Otherwise, the normal “cook” or “white rice” mode will work.

Start cooking: Press the “Start” button, and the rice cooker will start cooking oats.

Allow natural pressure release: After completing the cooking cycle, let the rice cooker release the pressure naturally for a few minutes before opening the lid.

Flavor Options

Consider adding the following flavorings to your oats to spice them up:

Add pleasantness: For a boost, try adding cinnamon, maple syrup, honey, or dried fruit like raisins or cranberries. Taste of nutty sweetness.

Savory: For a savory dish, add sautéed vegetables, herbs, spices, or sprinkles with cheese.

Service Tips

Once your oats are cooked and flavorful, it’s time to serve them. Here are some serving ideas:

Traditional bowl: Serve oats with fresh fruit, nuts, honey, or yogurt.

Porridge Variation: Turn oats into creamy porridge by adding milk or vegetable milk and simmering for a few more minutes.

Salad booster: Use cooked, cooled oats as a nutritional supplement to your salad, adding texture and substance.

Tips and Tricks

Consider the following tips to ensure the best results when cooking oatmeal in a rice cooker:

Experiment with proportions: Adjust the ratio of oatmeal to water to suit your taste. More water will make the oat sheets softer, while less water will make the texture tougher.

Add liquid: If, during cooking, the oats appear dry, you can add a little hot water to prevent the oats from sticking or burning.

Stirring Frequency: Although some rice cookers don’t require stirring, they can help distribute heat evenly and prevent sticking.

Customize Cooking Time: If your rice cooker allows it, adjust the cooking time to the texture of the oats you want, whether you like them a little softer or firmer.

Conclusion: How To Cook Oat Groats In Rice Cooker?

Cooking oats in a rice cooker is a convenient and quick way to enjoy a nutritious meal. Following the steps in this post, you can cook oats to perfection, discover their health benefits, and enjoy their delicious taste.

Start experimenting with different flavors and develop ideas for making oatmeal a regular part of your breakfast or any other meal.


Can oats be cooked without soaking them first?

Yes, you can cook oatmeal without soaking, but soaking overnight can help reduce cooking time.

How long does cooking oats in a rice cooker take?

Cooking time may vary depending on the rice cooker and desired texture. Generally, it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Can I freeze cooked oats for later use?

You can freeze cooked oatmeal in an airtight container or freezer bag. Defrost it and reheat it as needed.

Do oats contain gluten?

Yes, oats are gluten-free. However, cross-contamination can occur during processing and packaging, so choose certified gluten-free oat bran if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Can I use a multi-cooker instead of a rice cooker?

Absolute! A multi-function cooker with a rice function can be used instead of a dedicated rice cooker to cook oats.

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